Artist Statement

“Ink lasts till the grave!
You come for a tattoo but take back an experience!”

Hitesh Lalwani

Founder of GunsArtwork Tattoos, Pune, India

My Journey so far…

My initial tattoos were mostly inspired by traditional American tattooing of early 20 th century and Indian mythology. They would be individual or combined forms of skulls, reapers, ribbons, snarling tigers, roses, random cartoon characters, bald eagles, daggers, Om and other religious motifs, pinups, ships and anchors, flags and hearts. These basic symbolic forms were executed with bold lines and shading. The tattoos often utilized the irreversible and direct materials of traditional printed tattoo flash – design sheets. Also my early works included a lot of calligraphy artworks.

I was first fascinated by the art of tattooing at the age of fourteen while getting tattooed for the first time. It was instant love – the amalgamation of pain and pleasure was an instantaneous connect. But with no real guidance, I worked myself obsessively towards improving my drawing skills. Later, equipped with better understanding and under my guru’s guidance I worked on drawing tattoo flash. The overall effect was abstracted yet meaningful with a hypnotic undertone. I have studied, drawn and tattooed these raw power units for close to two decades now, witnessing the era of old school tattooing melt into the allure of the modern techniques.

For many years my tattoo style was based on intense study of Japanese art traditions and its varied iconography. Over the years I have tried to learn on the job and mix various tattoo styles and have surprised myself pleasantly with what comes out.

“What really catches my interest is a kind of unusual beauty that is delicate yet bold, exhilarating yet orthodox, and funny, frightening and seductive all at once!“

With the plethora of forms, the vivid suggestions and relationships that transpire between the colors and the shapes when they run out to vent the stream of consciousness onto the skin, a completely new language of unfathomable narratives develops. This can be confusing at times, especially for the first timers, but making believable stories out of confusion is what excites me and keeps me going on…

You can come to me for…

Tattoos – Japanese, old school American, mandala, geometries, dot-work, miniatures, Polynesian and cover-ups or an artistic amalgamation of styles to bring to life your tattoo idea(s).

Learning the art of tattooing – I am always ready to share my skills, perspectives and knowledge that I have gained so far with budding artists in whom I see a similar fire and passion about discovering the nuances of body art.

I look upto..

Andy Smith, my inspiration and my guru.

A true Brit, he has been a key founder of the modern tattooing aesthetics; one who maintains strict hygiene and tattoo norms.

It is always a good day for a new tattoo!

Moving beyond…

Looking forward to widening my interactions while challenging my own comfort zone and covering spots and places unexplored before! Cheers!